Sun. Aug 9th, 2020



We Must Shame The Man Who Wants To Tarnish The Good Men

Rape is not about being mature or immature, young or old, virgin or not because even those you carry on your laps as babies (non biological opposite sex) have been victims.

Today, it has reached an audacious level as: fathers raping daughters, brothers raping sisters, boyfriends raping girlfriends, sons raping mothers or the other way round. It has happened in bushes and open spaces, indoors and outdoors.

It’s appalling and heart touching how evil men are inflicting unforgettable scars on the innocent female gender which has been normalized. Women and young girls have started to ask rhetorically and with distress why they are created female. What’s my crime for being a woman?

The young generation must wake up to take on the tradition of telling truth to power as many think it’s useless, nonsensical and bullshit. Your silence has led to so many evils in the society. Hervert Hoover once said that “Older men declare war but it is the youth that must fight and die.”

The youths have been taken for a ride for so long, so many have lost their lives recklessly and illiteracy is the major driver.

We must unanimously put all hands on deck to tell power to give deserving sentences to all rapists.

So, let’s unanimously shame that man who wants to tarnish the good men. Let’s stand for all who have been raped and for all who have been killed.

For Fatima, for Jennifer, for Uwa, for Tina, for Zainab and all the faceless and Voiceless victims.

Say no to rape!
Protect the female gender!

Comr. Ibrahim Nazeer Kallah is the CEO, Comrade Photography, Kano, Nigeria.

He can be reached via

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