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Prevalence of Drug Abuse Among Youths

Owolabi Kuburah

According to the World Health Organization, a drug is a substance that can change how a living organism works. Drugs are taken to cure diseases and improve our health system. However, what we have in our contemporary society has altered the definition and usefulness of drugs. Drugs have become a tool in the devil’s workshop by the ways they’re being abused and used.

Drug abuse is the illicit use of drugs in an inappropriate way or for purpose other than that which the drugs serve. It is the use of drugs against doctor’s prescription or the repetitive intake of drugs despite the negative consequences.

Meanwhile, in any context, drug abuse has two meanings. It may be the use of illegal drugs which a person is not allowed to use or own, such as cocaine, marijuana and codeine or the use of drugs in a way other than its prescribed usage.

It is a problem that countries throughout the world have struggled with for many decades which continues to be a cancerous epidemic affecting our society and youths.

Drug abuse has been a prevailing menace in our society due to ignorance, curiousity, peer pressure and depression, especially among school children and young adults.

Ignorance has made many abuse drugs without knowing the deleterious effect of such act. Taking drugs without any medical license or prescription is equally an abuse of drug. However, many are ignorant of this fact, and would take paracetamol or painkillers indiscriminately, without any prescription from a doctor.

Also, due to the recreational purposes, many youths abuse drugs. Prescribed drugs that were originally intended to target pain relief have turned into recreational use and thus making many become addictive to such drug.

Youths also engage in the abuse of drugs as a means of obtaining creative inspiration. In the name of getting inspired, or “high” as they do call it, many youths get involved in drug abuse despite the negative consequences it has on them.

Depression has also made many drug abusers. Many youths become drug abusers due to depression. They become addicted to antidepressants and stimulants because it clears their heads of any worries and also calms their heart.

Peer pressure and curiosity has also been a major cause for the abuse of drugs in our society. Many youth turned drug abusers out of curiosity, because they want to know what happen when a kind of drug is taken or mix with other substances.

Also peer pressure has made many be a chronic drug abuser. Due to influence from friends and media trend, many became a drug addict in order to feel among and equal to peers.

Drug abuse is a serious problem that needs to be exterminated in our society considering the dangerous effects it has on our leaders of tomorrow.

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