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Eid Special with Kitchen Governors.

Just few days to the Eid Mubarak celebration.

Everyone is so delighted about the celebration of Eid Mubarak cause it’s the day you share love to your family and friends, eating together.

That day, varieties of dishes with nutritional bnefits that will make up for the 30 fast should be prepared.

Kitchen governors Eid special dishes will be;

Vegetable salad and Fried rice with peppered chicken.

Fish pepper soup.

Zobo Mocktail.

Baked and fried Samosa and spring roll.

Vegetable Salad.

Vegetable salad is one of the richest Salad in the world. It contains Nutrients needed to make the body and bone strong. Serving it during Eid will give your family the essential vitamins needed.


5 medium sized Carrots

1 medium bunch of Lettuce

1 medium bunch of Cabbage

2 Handful green Peas

4 Medium sized Tomatoes (hard tomatoes)

3 pieces of Irish Potatoes

2 pieces of Cucumber

4 Eggs

One tin of Baked Beans in tomato sauce  comes in a 415 gram can)

300g of Sweet Corn (2 small tins)

A bottle of Salad Cream  or Mayonnaise.


Wash all the vegetables separately in sufficient water (add a spoonful of vinegar, baking soda or lemon juice to the water to help kill harmful bacteria) . Rinse thoroughly in fresh water.

Boil the green peas for 2 minutes, strain it out and using the same pot, boil the eggs and potatoes together, the potatoes might cook before the eggs , so take it out when it is done and let the eggs boil until hard boil.

Peel of the egg shells and slice the eggs as thinly as you can.

Peel of the skin of the boiled potatoes and cut into small cubes.

 Slice the cabbage into tiny strips, then wash again and strain to remove excess water. Set aside for later use.Scrape the carrots and shred with a grater.

Scrape off the green skin of the cucumber, cut into two equal halves , remove the seeds(you can eat it if you like) and then cut into small cubes.

Cut the tomatoes into two halves, remove the seeds and cut into small cubes and set aside.

Open the can of sweet corn, pour into a sieve to strain out the preservation water. Set the corn aside.

Open the can of  baked beans, pour into a small bowl and set aside.

Now that you have all the ingredients ready, it’s time to put them together.

Get a large salad bowl and place the vegetables in the bowl, layer by layer until there’s nothing left.

 Place the sliced eggs on the prepared salad, and also spread the baked beans.

Now, cover the salad bowl and chill in the fridge until needed.

Finally serve with the salad cream(or mayonnaise).

Fried Rice.

out doubt is a common staple in Nigeria. Everybody eats rice, young or old.

Rice is affordable, rice is easy to make, rice is easy to store, rice is healthy and rice is delicious.

Making the best out of rice by preparing Fried Rice wouldn’t be a bad idea.


800g long grain rice.

6 large carrots.

2handful peas and runner beans.

4  large green pepper.

6 onion bulb.

5 spoonful of curry powder.

2 teaspoon ginger powder.

3 gloves of garlics.

3/4 teaspoon of black pepper.

6 cooking spoonful of vegetable oil.

8 stock cube For the rice and chicken( Depending on the taste).

Salt to taste.

2 teaspoon thyme.

Cow liver and chicken.


Wash your chicken and cow liver.

Add seasonings, onion, ginger and boil for about 5-20 minute. Make sure your chicken is cut in half so as to let it get tender.

After your chicken is boiled, drained the stock and dice the cow liver.

Wash all the vegetables. Dice the onions, scrape the carrots and cut into small cubes.

Deseed the green pepper and cut into small cubes.

Cut the peas into small size.

Place the  carrot and peas in boiling water for five minutes, then strain out and place in cold water. This method is called Blanching as it helps boil the vegetables without cooking it through and cut down the stir fry process. It also helps preserve the colour and nutrients of the vegetables.

Boil the reserved chicken stock in a large pot. Make the the stock is at the same level with the rice to enable it dry up completely when the rice is done. And you can add a little water if the stock is not enough.

As the stock boils, add the parboiled rice, salt, curry powder, seasoning cube, thyme,  garlic and onion.

Leave to cook on medium heat. And ensure the rice is not soggy or tender or sticky.

Make sure the rice is completely dry and not too tender.

Heat up the vegetable oil; add carrots, green pepper, peas, onion, diced liver, then add black pepper, seasoning cube, garlic and curry to taste, stir fry it for 1 minute.

The rice is going to be fried in small batches, so the stir fried vegetables will have to be divided in eqaul portion .

The size of your frying pan will determine the amount of each portion. Or better still use a wide cooking pot.

Pour a portion of the stir fried vegetables into the pan and add the cooked rice and stir fry for about 2 minutes. Don’t overfilled the pan and ensure that the heat is evenly distributed round the pan.

Repeat the same process for the remaining rice and veggie mx.

Ensure the fried rice is tender and not too sticky.

Your fried rice is ready.

Peppered chicken.

Preheat your pot on the stove.

Bring the boiled chicken and add it inside the the hot oil.

Fry until golden brown then drain from oil and keep aside

In a souce pan, put the oil then add grinded red chill pepper, diced onions and fry until the onions turns in medium heat.

Add chicken stock or seasoning to taste and turn the heat to low.

Bring the fried chicken and add it into the mixture, being careful to make sure all the sauce have coat the chicken.

Cover for a minute before you turn off the heat.

Serve with your fried rice and enjoy.

Fish Pepper Soup.

Fish is a very good source of protein. Apart from that different species of fish have been proved to reduce high blood pressure and help the heart, such as the Brama fish, tilapia etc.

This soup is a perfect appetizer for your family during eid.


2- 2½ pound white firm fish cut in desired pieces ( it can be any kind of fish you desire)

3-4 garlic cloves minced

1 or more hot pepper chopped or whole scotch bonnet, chili

1 Tablespoon grated ginger

1 bay leaf

1 Tablespoon smoked paprika

2   tablespoons or more diced celery

½ medium onion diced

1   teaspoon white pepper

3-4 leaves basil chopped

1-2 green onion chopped whites and green parts

Salt to taste

1-2 teaspoon bouillon powder.


Heat a saucepan with a about 1 tablespoon of oil add garlic, ginger, bay leaf, paprika and hot pepper sauté for about a minute.

Put in  onions, celery, white pepper, green onions, bouillon powder and any other spices. Continue stirring for another minute.

Add about 3-4 cups of water and bring to a boil. Let it simmer for about 10 minutes.

Add fish, basil and salt. Continue cooking until fish is cooked (about 10 minutes or more). Add water if necessary

Adjust seasonings, thickness of soup with water and spices. Remove bay leaf.

NB: add the fish the last 10-15 minutes before turning off the stove.


Zobo Hibiscus Mocktail.

Hibiscus petals(Zobo) have lot of health benefits. It helps blood circulation. Along with different fruit juices, you’ll be serving your family, a healthy mocktail.


1 cup sugar( depending on how sweet you’d like it).

2 cup zobo petals

3  cup water

3  cup orange juice

3 cup grape juice.

4 slice of orange for decoration

Ice cubes.


First, make the zobo syrup by rinsing the zobo petals very well, then boil them in a pot with the cup of water and sugar till you get a solid deep red colour and the sugar has completely dissolved.

Sieve to separate the zobo syrup from the petals and set the syrup aside.

Add ice to a glass cup.

Add the orange juice and grape juice.

Stir then pour the zobo syrup from one point.

You  will see it go to the bottom of the glass and mostly stay there. Some of it will rise to blend with the orange juice.

Cut orange in tiny circles and place around the cup.

Serve chill.

Baked and Fried Samosa and spring roll.

Everybody loves small chops. Making small chops for your family this Eid will be brilliant idea.


Flour -1mudu (for making the wrap)



Carrot (grated)

200 gr minced beef/chicken

2 medium Irish potatoes

2 medium carrots(optional)-

2 handfuls of green peas

1 long stalk of spring onion OR minced onion

1 tiny garlic/a pinch of garlic powder

1 teaspoon of curry powder

A pinch of black pepper (optional)

Stock cube.

Green pepper (shredded).

Chili pepper to taste.

Onions (chopped).


Making the Samosa and spring roll wraps.

Seive a mudu of flour into a bowl and dissolve with water, add an egg and a pinch of salt,mix until a smooth lump free paste is formed.

 Heat up a non stick frying pan, using a kitchen brush, deep into the batter, swirl in a circular motion to form a round shape. Flip the other side to fry. Repeat same process to make as many wrap as you want

NB: Do not add oil to the frying pan.

Samosa and spring roll fillings.

For filling, add all the veggies to a saucepan, add curry powder, salt, and seasoning cubes, stir together and steam for 5mins.

Boil your meat with seasoning and mince it.

Divide the filling into two and add the minced meat to one portion (this is for the samosa).

Note that, Samosa has meat in it’s filling, spring rolls do not have meat.


Lay half of the wraps on a flat surface, rub some batter mixture on it add your filling and roll (for spring roll)

Lay the other half of the wraps, add the filling with meat to it and fold into a triangular shape (for samosa)

When all wraps are done, fry in deep hot vegetable oil until golden brown.

Your sumptuous samosas and spring rolls are ready.


Pour the flour into a bowl, add salt and add the 3 tablespoonful of vegetable oil and lukewarm water. Mix well until you get a stretchy dough.

Then cover with an airtight plastic wrap or aluminium foil and leave to rest for about 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, knead the dough to make it more stretchy and elastic.

Cut out a bit, roll out with a rolling pin .Make sure its not so thin, should be about 3-4 mm in thickness.

Using a circular cutter, cut the rolled dough, and remove the excess dough at the corners, and then cut the circular shape into  2 diameters(2 half circles of equal sizes).

Rub water on the straight edges of one of the dough and shape it into a cone(the shape of a party hat);Now take a spoonful of the Samosa filling and scoop it into the cone shaped dough.

Don’t over fill it. Rub some water at the edges and seal tightly.

Brush with oil or egg wash, set your oven to 180º C  and bake for 15 minutes.


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We wish everyone a very happy Eid Celebration.


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