Tue. Mar 31st, 2020


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By: Alphazazee Abdulhamid Muhammad

What you do during holidays or free times is what distinguishes you from others. Who you are is influenced by what you do during your free time. During this coronavirus isolation, would you choose to go for leisure and amusements, or would use it for more productiveness and for personal development and growth? The outcomes are different.

This is the opportunity to grow so fast so that your colleagues in office will have to get to know you over again when you resume work. You may have some important to-do list that your normal work routine could not allow you to accomplish them, now it is an opportunity to do them, you have some books you haven’t read, read them now, some physical exercises, do them now to gain fitness and health.

Even if you are to engage in some leisure activities, you should choose the ones that have important consequences for your brain. Even while at leisure activity, your brain can benefit, but depending on which leisure activity. Which leisure activities help in increasing and boosting your brain’s health and powers?

Some leisure activities can help strengthen your neurons and their networks and can be useful in your field of work. I would recommend some socially engaging or mentally challenging leisure activities. For example, adventure sports, artistic practices, Sudoku, Mathematical and word Puzzles, creative arts, learning new languages, painting, pottery, reading, chess game etc.

These activities engage various parts of your brain and they hone your gross and fine motor skills, they increase your focus, quick-thinking and better decision-making abilities. They are an avenue to channelize the accumulated stress out of your systems. I hope this isolation will serve as a window for that most important personal development quest.

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