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My Passion To Be Independent Triggered Me To Be An Enterprenuer — CEO Fluffy Cakes

Hafsa Shehu Shitu the CEO of Fluffy_cakes who after her primary education at Unique Nursery and Primary School Kaduna, Secondary at Federal Government Girls College Basawa Zaria proceeded to Kaduna State University (KASU) and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication has on TALK TO DPH NEWS revealed to Habiba Abubakar Ladan her journey as a female entrepreneur.

My journey as an entrepreneur isn’t a bumpy one, however for a start I won’t say it was smooth. The first thing that triggered me to be an entrepreneur was my passion to be independent. As a young girl from an average family, not everything you request for you will get, sometimes you have to take heart. And I’m a kind of person who thinks 100 times before asking for a mere recharge money, talk more of other things. I started to think that ‘what if i start a small business of my own which will help me to cater for ‘some’ of my need” to cut the long story short, I seek permission from my parents and they supported me.

It started as a very small entity, where I bake the cakes and take it to the near by shop. Then as I was getting enough profit, I decided to increase the amount and  distribute it to other shops. Also thanks to this digital era I am able to advertise it via the social media. now fluffy_ Cakes receive cake orders from various part of the country.

It wasn’t easy I must say, sometimes I have to go to school late, other times I missed lectures in order to keep my promise. But due to my family’s support I was able to carry out both smoothly.

Entrepreneurship is very important to a girl child especially in our part of the world where girls are regarded as unimportant in the society. In some cases girls are seen as liability and are not given the right to even think for themselves. This is a challenge for every girl, if you don’t want to be a liability on others then become independent.

The first and biggest challenge i have encountered as a entrepreneur is the fact that I have to be an entrepreneur and a university student at the same time. When it started as a small business, people (relatives) make order and when its completed they find hard to pay the complete charges. Sometimes I have to borrow money in order to see that I complete other orders. That’s the two major challenges.

How did you try and overcome those challenges especially the second one?

When asked how she overcome the challenges Hafsa said she stopped taking orders on credit, customers have to make a deposit before she validates order.

Hafsa said her mother is her role model, she taught her to always be honest and trustworthy and patient too. she’s also an entrepreneur, hafsa learned most of her marketing strategies from her mother.

”I also look up to Aisha Falke, founder of Northern hibiscus, she’s known for her advocate on women in entrepreneurship and always encourage women to be independent

”To all you out there who aspire to be successful entrepreneurs, follow your passion and trust yourselves. Show them all you can do it”.

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