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Nigeria's Leading Magazine On Move Against Gender Based Violence

The North Need Orientation On Gender – Maryam Abdullahi

Comrade Maryam Abdullahi is a young visionary writer and journalist with interest in gender advocacy. She got her first degree in Literature from Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto. Because her works focus mostly on women and their rights, she was tagged feminist among other names. Nonetheless, in 2019, she was honored by Youth Digest, an online magazine in Abuja as Gender Advocate of The Year because of her stories published on several platforms in Nigeria related to women.

Comrade Maryam, I On Talk To DPH News this week, shares her view about shift of events in Northern Nigeria.

Comrade Maryam said; “In Northern Nigeria, Girls have poor access to many public related issues, at some point the family structure could be the reason. There’s an already established mentality that a girl’s place is in her husband’s home and not beyond the confinement of his home. Religion is often confused with culture, this is due to the religious nature of the Society. While a girl grows up, she’s already with the idea that education, social life which promotes exploration and diversity and being a career woman is not acceptable for her. In fact, women from this part of the country have diminished knowledge about their rights because they were only informed on the right that they’re expected to know. Plus, sadly, these women to an extent have learned to accept and live with such restriction. This is why suppressing and eradicating these limitations have become challenging”.

Comrade Maryam added that; ” I won’t say parental upbringing is fully responsible, same way I do not believe society is entirely responsible but judging from my few conducted research on northern Nigerian women, I’ll say that both family and societal structure have contributed immensely in the lag women encounter”.

Commenting on recent increase in marital violence with cases of women stabbing their spouses, she said that; “Northern women have been marginalized in all ramification. It is just clear that, recently, they no longer wish to wallow in total suppression and patience. Naturally, women are highly emotional and sensitive and northern women are extremely timid –this quality is mostly taken for granted by their spouses and so, they rebel violently because they seek emancipation from emotional torture some of their spouses subject them to.
But honestly, I do not subscribe to using violence to portray the northern women. I am not saying that the violent way they rebel is justifiable by vengeance or retaliation. It could be any gender. Anybody can fall a victim.

When a person is pushed too much to the wall, they retaliate dangerously oftentimes.Thus, the stabbing and other violent attempt could be a domestic revolution”.

To her, journalism is the most interesting profession to practice. Her joy in it is not just writing and improving but writing to proffer solutions and making impact. She added that she naturally do not know how to ignore any form of unfairness done to women. “It is one of the reasons why most of my stories today are centered on women and their challenges, thus, I am exceedingly conscious about trending issues about women and advocate for them”.

Her advice to aspiring and fellow writers has always been to develop the boldness to speak and write against gender discrimination.

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