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Rape Has Become a Growing Perversive Problem In Nigeria

By Wakeel Sadiya

Sexual assult refers to variety of crimes that use sex as a weapon. Sexual assault could include rape, incest, child molestation, groping strangers on street and other illlegal acts. People who survive sexual assault can experience mental health difficulties that lasts for years. Stigma can occupied the pain of sexual assault as a fear of stigma may deter survivors from seeking help or reaching out to others. People who are raped or sexually assaulted may feel embarrassed or shame. These feelings can make can make the person reluctant to report.

Moreover, a survivor who sees their rapist prosecuted may also have to answer intrusive questions about their sexual history. People who tell their family or friends about sexual assault can also experience alot of fallout scrutiny which may include: Judgement and derision, love ones taking side of the assailant, particularly if they know that person, and Estrangement from family and friends especially in the case of incest.

In socially conversational country like Nigeria, rape has become a growing perversive problem with statistics showing that nearly every Woman can recall one more instances in which she was sexually assaulted , harassed, threatened and inappropriately touched. Now the problem lies in the aftermath of rape and stigmatisation experience afterward just the case of women who blame their daughters on their skimpy dresses and their weak faith, such is the case of other rape victims who are continuously bullied and plight, which has led to rape very severely under reported crime in Nigeria and other major reproductive health concern.

However, one is forced to ask what role the offender plays in all these, how the society perceives him. This is often difficult, because often time in our society, the offender goes somewhat unpunished with the victims being placed on spotlight and made the victims bear all the burns of the the entire experience. To be honest most of these poor souls went through alot of trauma in the whole period of their lives only to be disown and rejected by the same society that breeds the perpetrators. If we are going to be frank to ourselves, not only shabily dressed ladies are victims of rape, There situation where minors are being raped by their callous uncels, brothers and houseboys.

There should be a paradigm shift and offenders should solely be held responsible for their actions without being excused for merely yielding into fleshy temptations that is only normal upsurge of the male hormones and in the context of rape. The popular Nigerian cliche “body no be firewood” that tends to justify the action of men who rape women should be done away with. Also, the social inclusion of rape victims should be given utmost priority with them provided with solid support system to aid their psychological and emotional recovery. We should know that rape is not a choice for those who fall victim as such we should offer to help and quit victim blaming and bullying those who fall victims.

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