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Anyone Could be Victim of Emotional Abuse – Farida Adamu

Emotional abuse is any kind of abuse that is emotional rather than physical in nature. It can include anything from verbal abuse and constant criticism to more subtle tactics such as intimidation, manipulation, and refusal to ever be pleased. Emotional abuse can take many forms.

Farida Adamu dedicate some of her time to causes that align with the fight against Gender Based Violence, like the North Normal campaign that is centered around getting the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act (VAPP) to be signed into law.

Farida Adamu who coordinated the Abuja campaign of the Northnormal StandStillRally gave insight on Talk to DPH NEWS to how victims of Emotional Abuse can be identified, how they can be helped to diminish emotional abuse.

What is Emotional Abuse and what does it evoke?

Emotional Abuse is a form of domestic violence where one partner makes the other partner feel worthless or like they are nothing without them. Summarily, one party feels afraid, isolated or even trapped. It can manifest in many forms like manipulation and verbal abuse.

Who can possibly be a victim of emotional abuse?

Anyone, despite their gender, can be a victim of emotional abuse.

How can some other person identify a victim of emotional abuse?

There isn’t one way to identify a victim of this form of abuse, because its symptoms can be similar to other issues one may be experiencing. But you can know through body language, especially around their partner. If they seem to be afraid of their partner, or timid, then this could be going. It’s a very difficult thing to detect swing it’s not physical. I guess this is why we need to always genuinely check on our friends and know if they are happy.

What are the genesis of emotional abuse by perpetrators?

It’s about power and the desire to oppress another person. That is the common factor for every form of abuse including this one. Also, some of them grew up in emotionally violent homes and so they grow up to become emotionally violent adults. So the once oppressed now becomes the oppressor.

Does emotional abuse impact victims psychologically?

Yes of course, It has a lot of effects. They can be Psychological.

What other negative effects does it entail?

It takes a long time to recover from, that’s if the person even gets any help. Other times, victims may be pushed to even harm themselves physically.

Is there any law in Nigeria that punish perpetrators of emotional abuse, I mean can one report a case of Emotional Abuse?

Nope. None

So how can victims of emotional abuse get justice in Nigeria or how can they be protected from the perpetrators?

I think there has to be an awareness first that this is an issue. People need to be taught what the signs are that someone is becoming abusive cause many times it starts off like a joke and before you know it you are trapped. So, awareness is key.

Don’t you think Nigerian Government should have a law that protect such victims?

There should be laws that protect victims of every form of abuse.

What gender are most vulnerable to such kind of abuse?

Most of the people who have come out about this experience are women but men experience it too. Anyone is vulnerable really but maybe women are more vulnerable. I say maybe because I don’t have data to prove it.

Such act mostly happen between married couple, why does this actually happen?

It happens between even unmarried people. I think I answered this where I talked about power play and how most of the perpetrators grew up under abusive parents or in abusive homes.

You don’t agree that it mostly happen between married couple?

Nobody has measured it, You just don’t speculate. A lot of people are abusing people they aren’t even dating. It happens across all levels of relationships.

Aside from creating awareness, what other ways can someone help a victim of emotional abuse?

Victims should get professional help. You can only offer so much as a friend or family, you can offer a listening ear and be supportive or even encourage them to leave the relationship. But it will be ideal to talk to people who are trained to help them heal.

Thank You For Talking To DPH NEWS Farida

It’s a pleasure.

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