Tue. Mar 31st, 2020


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FG Move to Implement Hate Speech Regulations

Alhaji Lai Mohammed Minister of Information and Culture,has giving a standing order to National Broadcasting Commission to immediately implement methods targeted at re-positioning the broadcast industry.

The minister in a statement on Thursday by his media aide, Segun Adeyemi, said the directives became essential following the submission of the report of the committee set up to work out the techniques for implementing the recommendations approved by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Lai Mohammed said the directive covers catering for the ordinances of hate speech, among many others.

“Following my satisfaction with the report which was very professional and detailed, I wish to direct the Commission to take the necessary measures to effect the implementation of the various provisions therein.

“This directive covers the provision for the regulation of the web and online TV/radio; regulation of international broadcasters beaming signals into Nigeria; hate speech; human resource and staff welfare; funding for the reforms implementation; monitoring; Independence of the Regulator and ease of issuing Licenses as well as competition and monopoly issues.

“This regulation prevents the misuse of monopoly or market power or anti-competitive and unfair practices by a foreign or local broadcaster to suppress other local broadcaster in the television and radio markets, having removed exclusivity from all content in Nigeria and mandated the sharing of all content upon the payment of commercially viable fees.”

Lai Mohammed affirm that the new regulations will compel broadcasters to utilize the content and services of Nigerian independent producers, in fulfillment of the regulatory requirements for 70 percent local content.

He further maintained that the regulation will empower local producers with proper funding and investment, enhance foreign collaborations, develop the local industry, raise the standard of local productions and ultimately lead to job creation.

According to the minister, the new regulations will also ensure that producers of content are paid promptly for adverts and sponsored content placed on all TV, radio and broadcast platforms.

Lai Mohammed continued that the implementation of the directive will ensure that the production of adverts are localized to create and promote local production.

He said that for musical content, the new regulation will ensure that broadcasters earn the right royalty to their works.

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