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Nigeria's Leading Magazine On Move Against Gender Based Violence


Aminu Kutama Reports

A 16-year-old girl has died after falling into a well a day before her wedding in Gajaja Village, Dambatta Local Government Area of ​ Kano State.

The young woman, Fadima, met her fate when they went to the a house to get her prepared for the occasion with her friends, when she fell unconsciously into the well.

The deceased’s younger brother told the BBC Hausa that they were standing at the therapist’s house and she just slid into the well.

Fadima’s father Alhaji Abubakar, told the BBC that her married is supposed to be held on Thursday but it has been decided by fate that it will never happen.

“It is a marriage of love, she wants it too. My house is full of people that were supposed to be well-wishers but have become mourners.” Alhaji Abubakar said.

He added that they are now trying to convince Hajami Lami, who is the therapist and the Bride’s aunt to accept fate and be able to eat, as she’s not been able to since the incident happened at her house.

The BBC had heard of Lami, saying it was a disaster and lasted only a day.

Adding, the Groom’s brother, known as Labaran added that the bride’s parents are based in Babura of Jigawa State and Fadima was only in Dambatta in preparation for her wedding.

Fadima’s fiancée could not speak because of his emotional state.

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