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Talk to DPH NEWS: Barr. Sa’adatu Mahmoud reveal how a perpetrator of Domestic violence can be identified before marriage

The 16 days of activism are very significant against Gender Based Violence because it sheds more light on the relevance of the fight against rape, gross indecency and all other forms of violence against girls and women. It speaks for the voiceless victims of rape and violence.

In my opinion, the rising rate of rape and domestic violence can change through sensitization at villages because a lot of the people residing there are not aware of the laws. I have been to some few villages and some are aware but the issue is the culture of silence. So by taking sensitization to the villages it will arm the women and girls with the knowledge to come forward in case of any transgression Against their rights.

As a legal practitioner they’re casses of rape that was a success the rapist has been convicted of the offense. The victim through counseling has been enrolled to secondary school. It’s commendable for her to have found the courage to face the society again.

I believe Nigeria has awaken to the fight against SGBV because we have a lot of organizations and even individuals that are focused on the fight and eradication of Gender Based Violence.

The issue of rape victims breaking the silence is something that everyone should partake in as a corporate social responsibility. On the part of organizations that are focused on Gender Based Violence, they should have desk officers across many LGAs to serve as supportive hands to the victims right from the police station, to the hospital and the courts.

I have come across cases of incest. In my opinion, this is a psychological problem on the part of the father raping his children or any other relative. Sensitization can help in curbing the menace of incest in our society. We should preach love and protection to families in our society.

Yes. Domestic Violence is on the rise irrespective of the years of marriage. There is psychological trauma associated with violence in whatever form so it’s always difficult for a woman to come forward. The society always look at the woman as the person who is saddled with home stability. In my opinion this makes it difficult for them to come forward because the spotlight will depict them as home destroyers. Parents should establish a very strong connection to their children especially when they are married as if there is any change in behavior they might notice.

Abuse can manifest in so many forms. The nature of the abuse will determine the action that should be taken. If it’s a physical abuse, I believe there should be no compromise, it should be reported to the appropriate authorities for action. It can be the police or NAPTIP. Hopefully, if the VAPP Act becomes domesticated, there is remedy for any form of abuse/violence.

I think there are indicators or red flags always through which a lady can identify a perpetrator of domestic Violence. This behavior in most cases can be seen through aggressive behavior. Most of these men easily get irritated.

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