Sat. Jan 25th, 2020


Nigeria's Leading Magazine On Move Against Gender Based Violence

There is no social movement that has never faced resistance from society – Fakhrriyyah Hashim

Bashir Turawa Reports

The convener of #Arewametoo rally, Fakhrriyyah Hashim has explained that there is no social movement that has never faced resistance from the society.

Fakhrriyyah made this explanation in relation to a question asked during a tweet chat organised by Youth Hub Africa on Sexual and Gender Based Violence on Saturday.

When asked by the moderator how she overcame threats and discouragement during the Standstill rally, Fakhrriyyah explained how she overcame criticism on social media by oppositions.

“What I keep grand to myself is that, there’s no social movement that’s never faced resistance from society. And if there weren’t these spikes of opposition, it wouldn’t be societal issue if we all were in agreement.

“In a society where you have a high degree of prevalence of SGBV, you must understand that a great number in your audience are comfortably sitting on that table and when you shake it, they will try to defend themselves by making a mockery out of what you’re preaching against through propaganda.
It is also one of my beliefs; that we are clawing at societal rot to strip it from society, that we understand it, that we are able to expose our opinions with indifference, It is a privilege in great many ways. I acknowledge mine, and that’s why you can’t scathe this fight,” Fakhrriyyah explained.

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