It is 16 days of Activism against Gender Based violence and I am glad to mark that Nigeria has evoke to the fight against Gender Based violence.

Afar from enacting laws that will prohibit violence against persons especially women and children who are at peak peril of being sexually abused we must have the prowess to sermonize our young shavers about Gender Based violence and it’s pessimism to clinch to a Violence free society in the rising generation.

Violence only wreck the society and desert proprietors with countless regrets, we should therefore be able to come together no matter the difference in our social class to stop this luciferian act of ferocity.

Our Parents should know that forced marriage only steer a broken home a criterion of regret by couple leaving together without being in love with each other or having affection for one another. This is what lay the first stone of domestic violence in among couple. It is baleful that the rate of rape and domestic violence is intensifying instead of plummeting in Nigeria a war that is coming ahead on us and the time to act is now.

I believe we can begin this war by signing the Violence against persons prohibition act in our states and educate people about it thus I appeal to my fellow women who happen to be the wives of the Executive members of this country to tell their husbands to domesticate the VAPP act, part of our responsibility as women is also to protect our society women and children are at daily basis being harassed and raped in Nigeria if we do this we have help the coming generation who are our children and grandchildren.

I commend the Federal Government for making the Sex offenders register accessible to Nigerians this will help a lot in the war against rape and Violence, rapists should have no place in our society. I also commend the brave minds of the Northnormal fold who came out in mass to call for a Violence free society it is distressing that a state in the north which we thought will give it’s full support and backing to this bill is openly against it such leaders should not be allowed to govern us ever again.

I solicit to organizations likeminds to come together and join forces to achieve a Violence free society.

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