Sat. Jul 11th, 2020



YASHAFENI, JARUMA MAGAZINE Holds Domestic Violence Campaign

By Bashir Turawa

A platform committed to social awareness campaigns against vices in Northern Nigeria, Yashafeni holds a one week awareness campaign on domestic violence in Northern Nigeria.

The campaign, according to a tweet made on its Twitter handle @yashafeni, is aimed at highlighting issues bordering on Domestic Violence which are prevalent in the society.

“Starting from tomorrow, November 9th, we’ll be highlighting issues that are prevalent in our societies. Follow us @yashafeni to learn about the effects of #DomesticViolenceinNN”

The campaign which started on November 9th was launched by her Royal Highness Hajiya Maryam Lamido Sanusi the wife of the Amir of Kano State. In an invitation to the conference on domestic violence  at the Palace on Saturday her Royal Highness said “Over the past decade, the issue of domestic violence in developing countries has evolved from relative obscurity to a primary concern among those interested in women’s health and status. it is not a hidden fact that domestic violence has become a major threat to our society in Nigeria and particularly in Kano.”

The campaign however continued on Social media platforms by the Yashafeni initiative and Jaruma Magazine. The campaign has succeeded in encouraging women to come out of their dread and share their acumen  of domestic violence on social media thereby finding possible solutions to it not just that but the campaign has taken the lead in Northern Nigeria by tunnelling  grasp on domestic violence, types of domestic violence and panacea

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