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Ban On Unpainted Vehicles, Tricycles In Abuja To Take Effect

Mustapha Abdullateef reports

The Director of Vehicles Inspection officers (VIO), Alhaji Wadata Bodinga has on Tuesday announced the ban of unpainted vehicles and tricycles which will take effect from Wednesday in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Alhaji Wadata Bodinga stated this during the movement on how to sanitise FCT with all security agencies. The movement is a purvey to sensitise the Abuja public drivers on unauthorised vehicles and the effect of the tricycles (keke) in Abuja highway.

According to him, the movement was to inform the drivers to comply with the ban and stick to operating the satellite towns as earlier spelt out by the government.

“We are moving around the FCT to inform the concerned people of our desire and to ensure that it’s only roadworthy and authorised Vehicles that operate in Abuja.”

Bodinga explained that ban has been placed on keke in Abuja highway but would be considered to operate in some estates after proper registrations.

He reinstated the ban on Okada in FCT and advised the people to abide by the policy.

Speaking with one of the taxi drivers who expressed his grievance over the new policy, Mr Adebayo, he said “This policy would contribute to unemployment in this country because myriads taxi drivers would stop working. As for me, I can’t afford to buy car or pay for any registration. How will I feed my family if they ban keke.”

The driver who described the action as a way of creating unemployment in the country advised the government to readjust the policy to avoid irregularities in the country.

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