Kiki Mordi, Kaduna Government React As Salma Bello Cries Out Over Victimization

By Bashir Turawa

A student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria who was allegedly Sexually assaulted by a lecturer, A.B Umar has cried out for being Victimized by her Family, relations and under threat of gang rape.

Salma Bello, is a student who exposed a lecturer of sexually abusing her in a one gang protest at the gate of Kaduna State University.

This was contained in a placard held by her while exposing the lecturer.


While reacting to this on her Twitter handle, the African Eye reporter, Kiki Mordi declared that it is important to take actions against those who victimize victims of sexual abuse.

“A few weeks ago we hailed @Mss_Jolene for bravely calling out her abuser, today she’s being VICTIMISED by her own family & community. And threatened with gang-rape because she dared to #SpeakUp💔
When does it end?
We tell victims to speak up, but when do we #EndVictimization?”

“It’s important that we take action against these perpetrators with swiftness but as a community we have a lot of unlearning to do!
The survivor is not the one on trial here!
#EndVictimization AND END IT NOW!
And please keep @Mss_Jolene safe!”

In its own reaction, the Human Services and Social Development Kaduna has assured legal intervention to protect the victim and also promised that the perpetrator is punished.

“We have observed the disturbing hashtag #EndVictimization as promoted by Kaduna State GBV actors. We are always insistent that the survivor is always right to report. The perpetrator should not be protected and the survivor victimized. We stand with @Mss_Jolene unconditionally.”

“The KDSG, especially the @GovKaduna Mal. Nasir @elrufai and Commissioner @HafsatMohBaba, are champions of the fight against GBV. We will intervene within legal limits to protect the survivor and we will also ensure that the perpetrator faces the full force of the law.”

“We will work with KASU to ensure that appropriate actions are taken against the said lewd lecturer. As for the threats against the survivor, we will reach out to her & her family to provide appropriate psychosocial & knowledge support. Rest easy @Mss_Jolene! #EndVictimization”

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