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Trending: Fashola Receives More Knocks Over Road Comment

By Bashir Turawa

The Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola has over the week received knocks over his comment on the status of roads across the country.

Fashola, who commented on the state of roads in the country after Federal Executive Meeting, was reported to have said the state of roads in the country are not as bad as Nigerians had been complaining.

However, Nigerians have taken to their Twitter handles through a trending hashtag “#FasholaTakeTheRoadChallenge” to react to this statement credited to the Minister.

A twitter user, Henry Shield who is also the Head of Mission for Leadership and Accountability Initiative, while reacting to this said “It is recklessly insolent & shamelessly insensitive of Mr. @tundefashola to say Nigerian roads aren’t as bad as citizens make them out to be. It is one thing to suck at your job, but totally ridiculous to insult the citizens with boldfaced lies.”

Patience Akwara, in her own reaction said “These days my family members don’t even bother hosting any event like wedding ceremonies in my home town in Aba due to bad roads. Imagine people coming to celebrate with you and end up as accident victims due to bad roads.”

Another Twitter user, Izu Michaels said “One thing in Nigeria is that once
a govt is favouring someone. The person will start seeing the rest
like blind & brainless flock of sheep. Give Fashola 50 years in the Ministry he occupy, he’ll still do nothing.”

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