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Nigerian leaders implored to adopt Good communication skills

Mr Patrick Oluyide, has urged Nigerian leaders to understand the power of communication and effective communication skills.

Patrick affrimed that the leaders can only be able to engage citizens effectively and raise the standard of leadership in the country when they adopt good communication skills.

Oluyide spoke on Monday in Lagos during visits to organisations that host Toastmasters and Business School Netherlands.

Patrick said, “Our country, Nigeria, needs capable leaders with effective communication skills, both in corporate organisations and in government. We need to raise our leadership standard to meet present day realities.

“The ability to communicate is a quality leaders in every sphere must possess and being effective with people is part of the core competence leaders must have, couple with the ability to communicate and sell our visions.

“Being 50 or 60 years in age doesn’t mean one can be a better leader. It is a myth in leadership that age is synonymous with good leadership. It is therefore pertinent we grow and develop ourselves. I believe if Nigeria focuses attention on building leadership and communications skills, a lot will be better. “

Patrick further described Toastmaster International as a non-governmental organisation helping to build people in the arts of speaking, listening and thinking with vital skills that promote self-actualisation, enhance leadership potentials, foster human understanding and contribute to the betterment of mankind.

“We are dedicated to changing the world through leadership and communication skills,” he added.

He urged Nigerians not to give up on the country and urged everyone to work towards lifting the nation to a great height.

“Nigerians need to embrace development and probably stop barking at those in government because errors in today’s leadership are errors from yesterday followership.”

A top ranking official of the team, Prof Lere Baale, said the school partnership with TM was germane owing to its leadership and communication skills delivery.

He said, “The interest of TM by BSN was driven by communication and leadership skills. It has provided us the opportunity to grow students with these skills which are inadequate in our community and country and an integral part of learning.”

He however applauded the leaders of Toastmaster International for the initiatives.

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