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Nigerians React To Hopkins Comment On Balogun Fire Outbreak

By Bashir Turawa

Nigerians on Twitter have reacted to Katie Hopkins’ comment on Balogun Market Fire Outbreak.

Katie Olivia Hopkins, an English media personality, columnist and former businesswoman, while reacting to a video of a man using buckets of water to quench the fire, said on her twitter handle that “next time you want to criticise our fantastic British firefighters, be glad you aren’t Nigeria.”

However, some Nigerians have stood to defend the video.

A social media activist, Gimba Kakanda in his own reaction said “You can’t erase the shame that was the Grenfell Tower fire, you harebrained racist. Mocking a man who risked his life to control the fire while awaiting firefighters is a manifestation of a diseased mindset. Here’s the video of firefighters at the scene.”

Dr Dipo Awojide in his own reaction said “The official report suggest that the London Fire Brigade was very incompetent per handling of the fire outbreak in the 24-storey Grenfell Tower. They got there late and told occupants to stay put inside the building. If anyone will shame Nigeria, it certainly cannot be you.”

Another Twitter user, T.A.B explained that the man shown in the video was just a security personnel who was trying to help before the arrival of the firefighters.

“This man is not a fire fighter, he’s one of the security personnel attached to the building on fire ,he was just trying to help put out the fire. Please check and verify your information before posting on social media. I am a Nigerian, we have good fire fighters,” he explained.

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