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United States Embassy Organises Workshop on Gender Based Violence in Kano

The United States of America Embassy in Nigeria on Tuesday held a nationwide sensitization workshop on Gender Based Violence.
Held at the American Space in Kano, the visiting speaker who is an advocate for rights of girl, Theresa Tomassoni said that there is need for increased awareness on Gender Based Violence.
“Gender Based Violence is not only peculiar to the use of physical strength to exploit someone, it also applies to using financial power to suppress, and Female Genital Mutilation which is quite common in Nigeria”.

Participants at Kano Workshop on GBV

Stressing further, Ms Theresa clarified that Gender Based Violence spans across both genders.
“Gender Based Violence does not apply to the female gender, males also fro same conditions as their complimentary opposites”.
Speaking after the event, the coordinator of the American Space Kano, Malam Abdulrahman Magaji said that the workshop was organized to empower young women with the requisite knowledge to protect themselves against gender based violence and to become advocates for the rights of girls to live unstoppable lives.
Some ladies that attended the event also expressed satisfaction with the amount of knowledge they got.
” A lot of girls especially illiterates suffer from GBV and that often leads to failed marriages and relationships because they can’t protect themselve in the wake of oppression”, according to Malama Mariya Musa.
Another participant, Maryam, attributed the prevalence of GBV to the lack of mutual understanding between couples. She also attributed the recent trend of ladies stabbing their spouses to lack of understanding and awareness;
“With my attendance here, I know about my rights as a woman and will in turn share it with young girls in my locality”.
DPH News reports that the Skype based workshop was held simultaneously in Kano, Ibadan, Calabar and Bauchi.

By Aminu Kutama

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