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Fact Check: Is Fakhriyya Hashim Dead Or Alive?

Fakhriya Hashim

For days now, social media has been filled with the rumoured death of a social media activist, Fakhriya Hashim.

This came following a post from a Facebook user, Alaramma Matawallen Faskari. Faskari’s post on Facebook reads thus:

“She is the girl I want to marry tomorrow 05/10/2019. She died yesterday night shortly after she arrived from Sudan. She died after a brief illness. On behalf of me her husband I am soliciting for your prayers.”

Alaramma attached several pictures of Fakhriya claiming that she’s the girl his going to marry.

DPH NEWS learnt that people has been contributing money for Alaramma wedding ceremony with Fakhriya Hashim who he is calling Fatima Abubakar Yola weeks before he announce her demise

The above Facebook post by Faskari generated a lot of controversy such that it was published by some online media platforms such as Rariya and Hausa.

An online Hausa media platform, Rariya, published a post on the acclaimed demise of Fatima which reads thus:

“She died yesterday, few hours to her wedding, Fatima Abubakar Yola died on Friday night.

The wedding of Fatima Abubakar was planned to hold today Saturday 05/10/2019 at around 1:30 pm after Zuhr prayer. May her soul rest in peace.”

A Twitter user with username @Forever_Rayyan has described Alaramma, the man who claimed Fakhriya is his wife, as a political thug in Gwarimpa, Abuja.

“Slam @FakhuusHashim. There is a man called Alaramma in Abuja at Gwarimpa. He is a political thug by occupation. He said you’re his bride to be today but you died yesterday in Sudan after a surgery at your tommy. He is busy crying everywhere.”

Fakhriya Reacts

The social media activist who was rumoured dead has taken to her Twitter handle with username @FakhuusHashim to disclaim her rumoured death. In one of her tweets, Fakhriya expresses surprise about the news circulating about her death.

“My whole issue with Facebook killing me is that people that know me like my airport plug, farm caretaker and so on, have been calling me that according to Facebook, ‘I’m dead.’
One said he almost cried then he dialled my number and saw that I picked.”

By Bashir Turawa

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