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Nigeria's Leading Magazine On Move Against Gender Based Violence

SGBV: Mayafi Initiative meets Gamji Uniabuja

In their mien to end Gender based violence, domestic violence and Sexual exploitation and abuse Mayafi Initiative otherwise known as ArewameToo on Social media has made drill to clampdown cases of gender base violence among Students in Nigeria.

The group which has been vying to brim gender base violence has on 2nd September made a breakthrough with Northern Nigerian Students Forum of University of Abuja. Mayafi Initiative detailed on its campaign to break the silence on Sexual abuses and devoir to working with Northern Nigerian Students Forum university of Abuja which encompasses 19 northern states and FCT to address SGBV and SEA on campus and create safe, healthy environment for learning and productivity.

The two organisations Mayafi and Gamji both agreed on exploring means of partnership and collaboration on addressing Sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) and Sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) over and beyond advocacy, enlightenment campaigns and victim support care on campus.

The group Mayafi Initiative ( ArewameToo ) forbye invited the Northern Students Forum known as Gamji to the Regional Standstill rally.

DPH NEWS retained that ArewameToo are organising a standstill rally for the adoption of Violence against persons prohibition act of 2015

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