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Domestic violence: ArewameToo set to hold North Normal standstill rally

A movement in Northern Nigeria Tagged ArewameToo are set to organize a standstill rally against rape, domestic violence and other stripe of gender base violence in Nigeria.

The Movement which is taking a wide spread and avowed in Nigeria has netted the attention of many legal and media practitioners like kadaria Ahmed among many others

The plan for the standstill rally which was termed North Normal has been trending on social media protesting that only 18 persons were convicted of rape in Nigeria, the move calls for the adoption of the violence against persons prohibition act (VAPP), Members of ArewameToo further calls for capital punishment for rapist in the country.

DPH NEWS learnt that the violence Against persons prohibition act (VAPP) came into force on 25th may 2015 but it however took the National Assembly 14 years to pass the bill into law, the act further provides court to award appropriate compensation to victims of rape and other sort of violence in country.

DPH NEWS recall a member of the movement Fariya Hashim alongside a charity foundation named Nisa’ul Khair few weeks back called the attention of the kaduna state government to act against a 40 years old man who was arrested over raping of a minor.

However official date for North Normal standstill rally has not been fixed yet but it is believed to be in August 2019.

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